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For your website to be visible online it needs to be hosted such that people can access your website   through online. Have an existing website or plan to make a new website, then to host it you have to choose the best web hosting company. We are one of the best and affordable web hosting company in India. We have quality servers to host your website. To make an affordable business deal with us kindly contact us.

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Weighing Your Options: Comparing Dedicated Servers, VPS

While making a business deal for a good hosting service, there are three types of hosting you will come across VPS, Dedicate servers. This post explains how you can analysis which one suits your business.


VPS – Virtual Private Server

In VPS, you get access to part of resource dedicate and other parts on shared. Say for an example server is a small piece of dedicate server which has dedicate resource such as RAM, Disk Space, Bandwidth and CPU for that space. Some of the resource are not shared with others. Security is one thing that almost all business people insist with the web hosting provider. Security wise VPS hosting works good as most important resources are being dedicated.

VPS hosting comes with various hosting plans starting from the small range. You can choose wisely with your wish which best suits your business.

The benefit of having a VPS is that you have your own control panel from where you can manage your server. From the control panel, you can manage your server resources as well as perform a server reboot on your own.

One thing to consider when choosing a VPS is to find out what type of virtualization software was used to create the VPS. Ex: Parallels Virtuozzo, OpenVZXen, Hypervisor

VPS hosting solution is applicable when you’re running a CMS, shopping carts.

  • For SEO purpose VPS hosting is best for your site to appear top in search engine.
  • Best Security with backups
  • Cost Effective in case can’t afford for dedicate server

Dedicate server

In case of dedicate server, you are the owner/ manager for whole server you purchase. All the resources are fully accessible to you only. Dedicate server has fully managed / unmanaged. If you are known to handle server you can choose unmanaged server otherwise your hosting provider will manage server for you.

Dedicate server is good for high visitor website, overload website, shopping website, high security risk website.

Why Choosing the Best Web Hosting Is Crucial for Your Business


With Inclusion Of All Service tax

Hosting your Website for Large Business with Quality Hosting Service provider

When it comes to choose your hosting provider choose wisely. Now, it’s mandatory for a business to have best and first impression on internet and search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). Choosing right hosting is a big part even after you find reliable hosting provider. When you want your website to be accessible and well working all 24/7 signing up for dedicated hosting will be the best choice.

Benefits in choosing dedicated Server

Security: In case of shared, cloud, VPS sometimes may be rarely you will experience security issues. But in dedicate hosting you will never face security problem as you will access your own server for your own purpose.

Reliability: Not that you need to put faith on hosting providers but you choose them wisely. Don’t believe in offers except season/ festive offers. Trust for once, if you experience the best uptime then you don’t need be hectic believe in 100% and purchase your server ever from them. If you are not technically strong to handle alone your server, your web hosting provider will manage.

Scalability: Dedicate server is bound to be scalable. You’ve just started your website you are sure that after some time the number of visitors will increase in your website, it’s better to choose Dedicate server at the time of more visitors you don’t need to upgrade server to Dedicated Environment. You will get additional space in case of dedicated hosting.

 Flexibility: For many website owners, one of the biggest benefits associated with dedicated hosting is that it allows for greater control over the server and hosting. When a server is shared with other business owners, are unable to access certain features. However, when the server is used solely by your website you will be granted much greater access allowing you more control over the server. This affords businesses much more flexibility.

This means that websites with a heavy flow of traffic, or those requiring large amounts of bandwidth for video content and high resolution  graphics can maintain a faster loading speed if they were using a Dedicate servers and can represent good value for your invested amount. It may resemble dedicate server is expensive but for reliable hosting it is the worth to spend money for that and get greater Return on Investment. Sign Up for the best Deals www.cloudinfo.in

Make a Trouble free web Hosting Deal with Reliable Host

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Reliable Web hosting Provider

Want to make a trust and Trouble free Web hosting Deal with Reliable Web hosting provider?? You can find many host but choosing the right host is where you need to be careful.Those with no frequent Advertisement of free web hosting , may not be reliable. So , get through once about their offer sometime for one month they give free and from next month high cost and may server may experience many downtime problem . Choose the right host and make your business stronger and success ever without any loss.

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Best Web hosting Offers

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